Orange Route – back to Westerbork – Terug naar Westerbork

Auschwitz  – Opole – Kreisau (Krzyżowa) – Dresden – Torgau – Potsdam – Wolfsburg – Bergen-Belsen – Bremen – Esterwegen/Papenburg – Westerbork/Assen

The first of the three routes takes you from Auschwitz in Poland to Westerbork in the Netherlands. The route is organised by the “Terug naar Westerbork” foundation together with our partner, IBB Dortmund gGmbH.

The special feature of this 14-day route is that it takes in different memorial sites and is largely covered by bike. You can either travel the long journey over the entire route, or simply opt for a shorter section of the route, from Bergen-Belsen to Westerbork. A small participation fee will be charged for this route.

You’ll find more information about this PEACE LINE and can register for this route at

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